Monday, January 30, 2012

"Butterfly Girls"

Here are some more lovely designs by "Christopher" he also has an amazing blog that shows you how to make bondage leather-ware, very detailed and delightful to read.

These and the previous studies had lead me to my next series,
"Black Cherries".

I am very excited about this new series. I've booked models all this week and I plan on doing nothing else but shooting.

I will also be releasing some limited edition prints in the upcoming weeks (working as hard for the reopening of my online store).

More updates to come...


  1. Wow, really like your leather-wear pics. Also those posted on Christophers Blog. Could't find those pics in your shop. Is it possible to buy some big prints for my personal gallery in my "art room"?


  2. Amazing work! Love the Oral Fixation series.