Monday, April 5, 2010

EYEMAZING magazine's current issue features Karen Hsiao's Rubber Duck

I just received this in the mail today!! EYEMAZING magazine did a wonderful 8 page spread on my upcoming book, Karen Hsiao : Rubber Duck, with text by Sashi Wasserman. 
EYEMAZING is a Lucie Awards Winner for Best Photography Magazine of the year. They are also one of my favorite contemporary photo magazines out there.
Cover image by Gordon Clark, a truly amazing photographer.

In this shot I used my cousin, Jennifer Hsiao for the "My first Fight" Chapter. I did all the makeup for her bruises.

On the leftt is my friend Tina, wearing FierceCouture Latex and an AMF eyepatch. The right is my friend Vima.

Left is model Katya wearing Baby Loves Latex with makeup by LB Benson, posing as her double (not easy to do in post). On the right is Jade, inspired by Trevor Brown's iconic "Little Miss Sticky Kiss". 

Lastly, the model Dina with makeup by LB Benson on the left and Danni wearing FierceCouture on the right.