Friday, March 5, 2010

Pre-shoot for Transmogrification

This past Wednesday I did a shoot with Kellie LaPlequa, she is in town and so is Louis Fleischauer. Louis made this outfit in mind for our Transmogrification project, which has been an on going series for about 4yrs now. I'm proud to say he and Kellie managed to out do themselves on Wednesday. The shoot went very well. Although the piercing took awhile, and we had to change the middle hook on Kellie's  lower lip several times, the entertainment factor alone was enough to keep me amused. Louis's craftsmanship on the korset and neck brace was beyond words.  Kellie was unbelievable and all the pictures came out great! 

I just started this blog, and I intend to use it as often as I can. Updating everyone with my most current process and ideas I have in mind.

-Karen Hsiao


  1. Always a pleasure to be working with. Very proud of you!


  2. looks like it will be amazing,

    David Y-W